Sunday, 19 November 2017

Physical relief of Europe

Click here  watch first and play then so you learn the name of the main physical features on the European continent!

Now that you have learnt the different European landforms try this link so you choose the right name for each one. You always have the option to watch first!

And finally, this map includes some more features, seas and rivers.

Have fun!

Monday, 13 November 2017


Here you have some maps to help you learn and locate the different countries in Europe, their capital cities and the main landforms.
Enjoy them!

European countries - listen and learn
European Capital cities - listen and learn
European Geographic Regions - listen and learn

Click on this game to check if you know where the country is after listening to its name.
European countries - game

In this game, you will listen to the capital city and will have to choose one of the countries in the provided region till you complete the continent.
European capitals by region - game

Here you will listen to the capital and will have to choose the right country among all of them!
European capitals - game

In this one, you will listen to the country and will click, in the boxes on the left, on the capital of the higlighted country.
Eurpean capitals country provided - game

Now, here you have two more maps: a tutorial and a game about rivers in Europe.
European rivers - learn
European rivers - game

I hope you enjoy them all and learn a lot!!!

If you want to have more fun, just go to the next webpage where all these maps have been taken.